Financial & Banking Law

Ukrainian banking and financial sectors are experiencing a time of rapid consolidation, modernization and growth. The company helps its clients to understand complex Ukrainian legal framework in this area and to ensure compliance with laws.

Banking Law

Company specialists represent the interests of large Ukrainian and foreign banks and financial institutions on their activities in Ukraine and relationships with customers and authorities.

In addition, we also represent the interests of corporate and private clients on issues of interaction with banks and other financial institutions.

Our services include:

  • Providing advice and support in provision of loans to residents by non-residents;
  • Drafting loan agreements and related financial agreements and legal support of respective transactions;
  • Review of loan agreements and providing recommendations
  • Legal assistance in issues related to bank deposits (opening and closing of bank accounts, review of bank agreements, representation in disputes relating to payment of interest);
  • Dispute resolution (including through court) relating to banking, currency and other financial legislation.

Our lawyers also provide advice on regime of operations with foreign currency to individuals and legal entities.


The lawyers of the International Law Company offer services on a variety of legal issues that may arise in the process of emission, transfer and sales of all kinds of securities, ranging from financial and legal audit of the issuers to the final execution of the relevant documents.

The firm’s practice covers contractual support as well as creation and preparation of legal schemes for securities transactions:

  • Advice on acquisition of Ukrainian securities (forms of contracts, risks, taxation, registration of ownership, control);
  • Explaining the rights of shareholders under applicable law;
  • Schemes of cooperation with non-residents;
  • Arbitration procedures;
  • Advice regarding restrictions on operations in the field of securities in accordance with the current legislation of Ukraine;
  • Registration of Ukrainian and foreign corporations (in particular, in Lithuania, Luxembourg, UK) and execution of shareholders’ agreements;
  • Providing live data on any changes in the law on securities and stock market;
  • Legal support of transactions related to the distribution and redistribution of capital stock of JSCs.